Trevor Kjorlien

Front-End Web Developer
Amateur Astronomy Teacher

Based in Montreal, Quebec

The Web Stuff

Trevor has worked with the web since 2007. In 2008, he began using Drupal and hasn't quit since.

Since 2013, his main focus has been creating Drupal themes (though he's pretty good at site building too). Since 2015, he's also focused on working with front-end pattern libraries – such as Pattern Lab – and how to create sustainable design systems.

If you're really interested, you can read Trevor's complete resumé.

The Space Stuff

Trevor has always had an interest in space and astronomy. In summer 2013, he began organizing "Moonrises" on top of Mont-Royal. In spring 2017, by pure luck, he received a pretty good telescope.

After months of taking the scope to public places, he realized that there's a hunger for average folks to learn more about astronomy.

In spring 2018, he began Plateau Astro.

The Contact Stuff